Eat, Thrive, Simple

Eat, Thrive Simple is a nutrition coaching company working with clients to optimize their daily energy by forming good habits and awareness with food, nutrition and supplement.

What Did I Solve For?

Eat, Thrive, Simple needed a responsive website to market their services and sell their products to the public. Most importantly, they wanted a website they could maintain without needing a developer. 

The Solution

I built a responsive website using SquareSpace. Now the client can easily change content and add information as needed without having to outsource. 


The User

Eat Thrive Simple user's care about health. They are working professionals who are dedicated to themselves and are focused on wellness. These Users are willing to make an investment and time commitment to improving their quality of life, they strive to lead healthier lifestyles, and care about nutrition. 

The Personas


Kriss Moore's Scenario

Kriss Scenerio 1.png

Kriss Moore's User Flow

Site Map


Wireframe Sketches