Little Caesars

*Note: this was a class project only.                           

The Goal

Little Caesars wants to expand to a larger market of users who order pizza delivery through a mobile application. 

The Problem

Little Caesars has the 3rd highest pizza sales in the US, but does not have a mobile application or online ordering system. In order to become more relevant in this digital age Little Caesars is looking for ways to increase sales using a digital platform.

My Role

3 member team/2 weeks

I was responsible for wireframes, visual design, creating user personas and user research.



Process Overview

Our team conducted primary and secondary research, ideated based on findings, created user personas, built initial prototypes, performed usability testing and reiterated. 

My team and I looked at the competitive landscape, gathered research and brainstormed possible solutions for Little Caesars to expand to a larger market


Competitive Landscape

When conducting a competitive analysis, we uncovered that the competition had robust mobile applications that included language functions, split-bill pay and voice ordering. 



Research Methods

The research provided valuable information in understanding the users needs, identifying major pain pains, creating personas, and developing the usability of the app.



Key Insights from In-depth Interview

Pain Points of Ordering Food Online


Key Insights from Online Survey

70% of users prefer pizza delivery to pick-up.

77% of users order food online or with a mobile app.


Major Pain Points Identified from Surveys and Interviews

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.08.32 PM.png



From our research and findings we developed three personas who'd order pizza delivery from Little Caesars under different circumstances. 



  • Stay at home mom
  • Busy with kid's schedule
  • A member of Parent's Club 
  • Looks forward to spa days
  • Enjoys coffee after yoga

Scenario: orders on the go for her son's 7th birthday party.


  • Sophomore at Cal Poly
  • Brother of Phi Kappa Psi
  • Plays sax in a jazz band
  • Has a track scholarship
  • Millennial

Scenario: orders for the house and wants to split the bill.


  • Single mother of three
  • Works 3 service jobs
  • Low income
  • Prefers Spanish to English
  • Loves the outdoors

Scenario: orders between jobs, she will use her EBT to pay.



User Journey Highlighting Pain Points

Ricky's journey for ordering pizza from a mobile application for him and his fraternity brothers.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.02.44 PM.png


Paper Prototypes

We created and developed paper prototypes to refine the user flow. We performed AB testing with the prototypes before building it in Sketch.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.28.06 PM.png


Synthesizing the Information and Addressing the Pain-Points


The application uses the location finder to identify the exact address of the user.

CREDIT CARD SCANNER, powered by Paypal, uses the camera of a device to image the Payment Card.


Split Pay

The split pay feature directs the user to Venmo where they can easily split the bill between friends.


Delivery Tracker

The user can visually follow through the delivery process and have direct access to the person involved. Once the pizza is delivered, there is a call to action button requesting feedback on the service they received. 



Next Steps: Phase 2